A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Hello! I’m starting over with a fresh blog.

I’m deeply saddened that my blog disappeared along with some cherished memories. I started Meloncreme back in 2011 to write about my Korean language learning journey and through my blog, I have met a lot of awesome people who share the same interests as me. I’ve even met some of them in real life and remained good friends with some. I’ve written a lot about my struggles and eureka moments in learning Korean and even shared some things about my personal life like important and memorable life events such as working in the Korean military camp as an interpreter and winning the Korean speech contest here in our country.

My blog became an online diary which contained some unforgettable memories in my life, memories that I would love to remember, memories that were so surreal I had to write about them just so I’d know for sure that they were real. That they really happened and not just some dream or imagination that I created inside my head.

And now, they’re gone. All gone.

Well, not all of them. I did manage to save some of my posts before 2017 but the rest, they’re gone and there’s no way to retrieve them. There’s no one to blame but myself. It’s my fault for not saving a backup copy of my posts just in case something happens to my blog. Well, I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve learned my lesson in the most painful way ever. Okay, I’m being totally dramatic but I guess you’d understand where I’m coming from. It hurts to lose something sentimental and I don’t ever want to go through that feeling ever again so now I know better to download a backup of my blog every time I post something new.

I’ve thought about importing my old posts here and continue blogging but I’m afraid I’ll only get reminded of the lost memories so I thought it would be best to just start over from scratch and create new memories. I’d love to meet new friends as well so if you’re reading this, I would appreciate it if you’d leave me a comment. Say hi or better yet, tell me about your current favorite song or about the latest Youtube video you’ve seen. Anything is fine.


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  1. I’m sorry about what happened to your blog. 🙁
    Wow working in the Korean military camp as an interpreter must have been quite a life changing experience.

    I thought about learning Korean but decided I will start learning Welsh instead.

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