Which Textbook Should I Buy?

I’m saving up so I can buy myself a Korean textbook. Looking at the prices on online shops, I just realized how expensive these things are and now I’m having a hard time choosing which book I should buy first since I have limited amount of money hidden somewhere in my closet and money doesn’t grow on trees so I need to choose wisely. Oh, I almost forgot to mention how expensive the shipping fee is going to cost me. Sometimes, the shipping fee is more expensive than the book itself. How I wish I can just get in a huge box and ship myself to Korea right now.

I wanted to buy Elementary Korean but since I already have a pdf file of it, I decided not to and just buy something else. I want to buy Yonsei Korean 1 and I’ve been searching for reviews about it but I can’t find any. I’m also considering the Integrated Korean (beginner level, of course) since I’ve heard good reviews from other people. Which textbook should I buy, the Yonsei Korean 1 or the Integrated Korean Beginning 1? Or do you know other textbooks which are better (or cheaper LOL)?

I wonder if there’s a bookstore in Manila selling any of this books. I doubt it. I’ve only seen Korean phrasebooks and dictionaries so far and no Korean textbooks.

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  1. I like Integrated Korean, their explanations are quite detailed and though I haven't used the first 2 books (Beginning 1 & 2), I would recommend this series. Each book is about $20, and you might get free shipping with Amazon. Also, you could get the mp3s for free on the Internet. The series covers 5 levels of 2 volumes each, so you don't have to worry about finding another good textbook once you've passed the beginner stage.
    Try to look on various blogs to see what other people use, especially those who have tried a few different series and could do a proper comparison :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm actually looking into other people's blogs for reviews. So far, Integrated Korean and Yonsei Korean Series are two of the most highly recommended textbooks. I'm still looking for other books but I am already leaning towards buying either Integrated Korean or Yonsei Korean. I don't think Amazon offers free shipping for buyers living outside of US. T__T So I really have no choice but to pay the F-ing expensive shipping fee.

  3. You should try Seoul National University's Korean series. I highly recommend it if you're a beginner since it's precise on grammar explanation and comprehensible. Good for self-study. I'm not sure if Amazon ships in the Philippines but you can try http://amzn.to/oBTbP6

  4. I have both series but I prefer the Integrated Korean series so far. The only thing I don't like about the Integrated Korean series is that it took so much page just for 한글 and the pronunciation part. They also don't have the answer key for the practice part.

    Actually I can't really say much about the Yonsei series for I haven't really started reading the books yet. ㅋㅋㅋ All I can tell you is the appearance of the book. I like how they made the colorful pages of the book. It's so pretty that you won't get bored while reading the book. What I don't like about the book is that it's so big and it looks and feels unsturdy to me. Each level is divided into 2 books with 2 CD's each. I like how they neatly placed the book in a plastic binder but I hate the way they placed the CD without having any opening at all. I have to tear up the plastic cover just to get the CD's inside. Anyway, I'll post a review in my blog if I find the time.

    I hope you get to decide which book to pick. Good luck. 😀

  5. A lot of people praise Integrated Korean series, so I think it's rather a good textbook. I even plan to order Beginner 1 soon. However now I'm using Basic Korean by Andrew Byon and I really like it ^^

  6. How heavy is the Yonsei Korean 1? I'm going to ask my friend to buy it for me when she goes to Korea this October. But if it's super heavy, I'll just have it shipped instead. I don't want her to bring it if it's super heavy. XD

  7. Hi, lyrynne!
    Oh! I'll consider buying that book. It looks promising. Amazon ships to PH but it's quite expensive. I'm asking my friend if she can buy it for me when she visits Korea this October.

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