What I’m Worried About…

There is one thing that I’m really worried about when it comes to learning Korean language. I don’t think I’m going to have that much hard time learning the grammar than learning new Korean words. I’m not that worried about it because it’s just like Math, as long as you know the formula, you’re good to go. I’m more worried about broadening my vocabulary. I’m not really good when it comes to vocabulary. I think it will be difficult for me to remember the meaning of the words. I’m having a hard time broadening my English vocabulary so I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same in Korean.

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  1. I'm currently learning Korean now, and i face the same problem as you. The vocab words i learnt in class are fairly basic n simple but they cant get into my head! =( I wonder if there's another way of learning korean vocab words?

  2. You can try making a flash card but I don't really recommend that method because you'll only be able to remember them in a short period of time. Try following some Korean celebrities on Twitter. Read their tweets. It doesn't matter if you don't fully understand what they say. I learned the word 도착 since I always see it on their tweets and eventually, it got etched on my brain. Words that you encountered by reading will be more likely to get etched on your brain than the ones you only memorized. Do not memorize the meaning of the word, understand it.

  3. True. I tried the flash cards method while i'm travelling for this two days. The words does not get nailed into my brain but i'm able to recognize what it was very quickly. Perhaps is due to the numerous times my eyes had seen the word but i still cant remember how it is written.

    Just curious, what's the meaning of “도착”?

  4. LOL. Me too! Most of the time, I remember the word but not the spelling. >_< Most of the words I really remember are the ones I've heard while watching Korean shows or listening to Korean music. Flash card method is not really that effective.
    도착 means arrival.
    도착하다 means to arrive.

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