Week at a Glance: Feb. 25 – Mar. 31

Note: This was supposed to be a “My Week at a Glance” type of post with more pictures and less text but it ended up the other way around and being longer than I intended it to be. Nonetheless, I’m still gonna use the title “My Week at a Glance” XD

I was planning to blog about this a few days ago but I was brought to the hospital on Friday night so I couldn’t. My copy of 2012 Big Bang Alive Tour in Seoul DVD arrived on the 25th of February. And now, I’m broke. Haha! But I doesn’t matter. I originally planned to save up first before getting this but I wanted the poster and I didn’t want to ran out. I find it odd that I’m always after the poster and yet I don’t even hang them up on my wall simply because there’s just no space to stick it on. ㅡ_ㅡ;;

I got a text message from someone I know who works at the post office telling me that there’s a huge box waiting for me there. I run an online shop. I sell kpop albums, Korean cosmetics, Korean textbooks etc. for young Filipinos who don’t have credit cards to use on Korean online shops. I’m selling stuff from Korea so I have money to spare for fangirling purposes and I am also paying for my phone bill. 헐.

I had ordered this concert DVD along with 10 copies of BAP’s One Shot album and 20 One Shot posters. One of the albums was supposed to be my copy but I had to give it to a buyer since she wanted to get her hands on the album as soon as possible. It’s okay. My copy will be arriving sometime this week or next week together with 20+ kpop albums. Heavy package, I know. TT__TT I just hope I get my favorite member’s photocard.

I didn’t get to watch the DVD on the day when I got it. I had to pack the other albums so I could ship them the next day. When I finally got around to watching the DVD, I started squealing even before I hit the play button. I was really that excited. I didn’t care if the maids could hear me from the kitchen. Believe it or not, my throat went sore by the end of the concert. I think I’m gonna end up losing my voice when I get to go to a real kpop concert. Well, that is if I don’t faint halfway through it. XD

I squealed for Daesung and Seungri. I screamed a lot for TOP but I screamed the loudest for my baby boy, Taeyang. I hated it when TOP appears on the screen. You gorgeous creature, why are you seducing me? Haha! I have high respect for G-Dragon. Although there are some people who aren’t really fond of him because of his attitude, I don’t care. Just because a person is not as nice and as innocent as a saint doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of any respect. Not everyone can be a great songwriter, composer, producer, rapper like G-Dragon. Hating on G-Dragon won’t make you a better person and it definitely won’t stop him from being the awesome person that he is.

When I say “I like [insertnameofidolhere]”, it’s most likely because he or she is really good at something like dancing, singing, rapping, playing a certain instrument etc. Or they have great fashion sense. Or they’re just simply handsome or beautiful in my eyes. I have never liked an idol for their personality. Why? Because you never really know what kind of personality they have behind the camera. I like idols for their talent, not because they’re nice, cute and adorkable human beings when in fact they’re secretly not even like that in real life.

I got sidetracked there. Sorry. I just needed to get that out of my chest.

Anyway, on the day I was brought to the hospital, I watched the Korean movie called “71: Into the Fire” or “포화 속으로” in Korean. For someone like me who fancies movies that were set during the World War II, I wonder why I didn’t watch this movie sooner. And on the top of that, TOP plays one of the lead roles in the movie! I should have watched this as soon as the English subtitles were released. BUT WHY DIDN’T I WATCH IT? Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. Haha!

71: Into the Fire is now my new favorite Korean movie. Prior to watching it, it was Sunny (2011) that was on top of my list. But everything changed since Friday. TOP or Kwon Sang Woo being in the movie doesn’t have anything to do with why I like this movie so much. Believe it or not, I had my serious face on the entire time I was watching the movie. No fangirling, no spazzing, no squealing. I was so engrossed with the story. I even shed tears at some point. Since this movie was based on an actual story, my thoughts were filled with sympathy for those young untrained student soldiers who died during that time. Can you just imagine your teenage self going to war without any combat experience or knowledge on how to use a gun? In the movie, the 71 student soldiers were left behind to protect Pohang Girl’s school from the North Koreans while the other soldiers went to Nakdong River to battle it out with the North Koreans with the help of US Forces. My hands and feet got sweaty when they were goofing around instead of training. I was like “You guys are in a war, your superiors are in danger in Nakdong River, you guys are gonna die in a while and you still have the nerve to goof around?”

TOP’s character was a wimp during the first half of the movie. Why didn’t you shoot that dude? You could have saved that officer if you had just shoot the guy who was attacking him. But how could you shoot him when you couldn’t even load the bullet inside the gun because your hands were shaking. Ugh! *rolls eyes* Hahaha! Kwon Sang Woo’s character was a jerk who refused to do things according to orders. He did whatever he wanted to do. He never listened to TOP. He shot the North Korean kid who was giving out an impressive patriotic speech while standing on a boulder even though TOP told him not to. He had a fist fight with TOP. Okay, that scene was heartbreaking. They were all losing hope because first, there were only 71 of them and about a thousand of North Koreans were against them. They were severely outnumbered. Second, what do they know about going into battle? Most of them haven’t even experienced firing a gun. Third, serious lack of equipments. I was speechless I could only just shake my head in frustration. Haha!

After watching the movie, I was brought to the hospital because my head started to ache and the pain was almost unbearable. Both of my doctors were out of town (Fantastic. -.-) so we had to look for another doctor. Long story short, I’m okay now. Haha! Don’t wanna get into the details.

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  1. Haha. Reading this blog post reminds me of my sister. My sister is an avid fan of Super Junior and reacts the way you do when she finds out the they would be having a concert here in the Philippines or simply just release an album. I’m really not much of a Kpop fan. the only KPop artist/band I lvoe are 2NE1 and 9th Street. :)

    Get well soon by the way. 😀

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