Things Happened

Oh gosh. I haven’t been here in months. Well, life is so unpredictable. Lots of things happened over the summer and dragged on til now and it kept me from being active on all of my social networking accounts. First, there was the national elections which kept me and the whole family (and the entire clan, for that matter) busy. I’ve mentioned in one of my posts that my mom was running in the elections along with my uncle so that kept us busy making campaign materials. My mom got in and she’s been pretty busy so I have to take charge of the house for her. Second, I’ve been hospitalized for 4 times this year alone. Don’t ask. I’m not a healthy person to begin with and the weather is not helping at all. So I took some time off my cyber life and I’ve been in and out of the hospital. I enjoyed that time being away from the net and decided to be more attached with my life outside of the internet which turned out to be good in a way. I still haven’t fully recovered yet and I haven’t been going out into the real world because of it. Now my social life is completely dead. Anyway, now that my laptop is fixed (sort of..), I’ll be able to blog more often. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to my main blog and just blog from there coz it’s kinda tedious having to manage two separate blogs. My main blog doesn’t have a concept unlike this one. I post random stuff about my personal life and fangirling there. If you wanna check it out, then head on over to

I’ve got 69 subscribers… >:3

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    1. Thanks! I’m currently going through people’s blogs and catching up with everyone. I missed talking to my Korean learner friends. T___T

    1. I missed you, Karla! Huhuhuhu! ㅠ ㅠ I’ll be more active in blogging. I have so many things to talk about my language journey this past few months.

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