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Hello everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted something on this blog. How are you guys doing? I hope life is treating you well.

I think some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything after my post about applying for a Korean visa and getting approved. I would be curious too since a free trip to Korea and five days of attending a short course about Korean culture at Kyunghee University would’ve been a good topic to blog about, right?

Did I get lazy to edit tons of pictures?

No, I did not get lazy. Why would I be lazy when I was too excited to blog about it? I had a lot of plans on how to blog about it and what to write about. I even made a list of what I should pay attention on and things that I should definitely not forget to mention on my blog posts. I also planned to edit videos of the places I went to and upload them on Youtube. I also made a list of songs to use for the background music. I think I would have gone an extra mile just to help KTO in promoting Korea. It’s the least I could’ve done to thank them for the free trip.

So why didn’t I blog about it?

The reason why I didn’t blog about my Korean trip is because I’ve got no pictures to post, no stories to talk about and no videos to show you guys. I never went to Korea. Because my health wasn’t in good condition, I couldn’t go so I had to cancel 2 days before my scheduled flight. And as what we had agreed on, I had to give the trip to the 2nd place winner. Pretty sad, isn’t it? Yeah, it was really sad.  Oh well, that’s life.

I did get depressed about it. Who wouldn’t be, right? But I got a job not long after that and it kinda helped me to distract myself. I worked in the city hall for 2 months before I had to quit because I kept getting sick. Not really knowing what to do, I enrolled in an online TEFL course. I just might find it useful someday. (I still haven’t finished it. Ugh)

I decided to try my luck in business again so I opened my travel agency. I just started a few days ago. (Ehem, I do have Korea tour packages if anyone is interested. Lol. Shameless plugging, I know. Haha!) And I also sell handmade products for planners and journals.

And just recently, I made a Facebook page. I should have done this before when I still had regular readers. Lol. But some people who are learning Korean wanted to add me on Facebook and I’m not really comfortable in adding people I barely know because some of my posts are kinda too personal to be shared with total strangers. There were also a lot of people who messaged me asking me about the application process for the Korean speech contest. I created that page so that it will be easier for them to reach me. Also, since I plan to get back to studying Korean again, it will be good a place to post short updates of my progress.

Anyway, thank you for taking a moment to read this post. Please kindly like my pages. I really need everyone’s help and support right now. Thank you in advance.

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TOPIK Certificate


The cherry on top of a fantastic year. I got my TOPIK Level 4 certificate on my 3rd year of self-studying Korean. Almost got a Level 5 but oh well, there’s always next year. 120 days left before the 40th TOPIK.

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D-DAY: 34th TOPIK Experience

I’ve been self-studying Korean for almost 3 years and finally, I got to take the TOPIK exam. I’m not from Manila so it’s kinda difficult for me to take the exam. So when I finally got the chance, I was excited at the same time nervous about it. I finally took the TOPIK test today and the result will be released in a month. Not looking forward to it to be honest. Lol. Anyway, here’s my TOPIK experience.

The night before, I was battling with myself whether or not I should study more or just rest. After making sure I have everything I need in my bag, I went to bed around midnight but it took a while before I finally fell sleep because I was too nervous.

I woke up at 4:30 AM and headed to KCC at 6:00 AM with my aunt and my friend, Arin, who also took beginner and intermediate exam like me. Since it was too early, we waited outside the building and did a little chitchat while going through our notes. I was surprised to see some examinees were accompanied by their parents. It’s just that there are parents who are against their children learning Korean and would rather have them focus on school.

After the long wait, we were finally told to get inside and find our seats. There were too many beginner examinees and KCC couldn’t accomodate all of us since they have limited number of classrooms. So there were two venues. I’m glad I registered early because the other venue was far from KCC. If I took the exam at the other venue, I wouldn’t have made it to the intermediate exam.

The beginner exam was too easy. I managed to finish the exam at least 30 minutes before the schedule. One of the proctors looked at me  and raised his eyebrows while smiling like he was complimenting me for finishing the exam ahead of everybody. I was pretty shocked that there was one Korean who took the beginner exam. I heard her conversing with her mom in straight Korean so I just thought it would have been better if she took the intermediate exam instead.

When the beginner exam ended, Arin and I rushed towards Jollibee to eat lunch. We had burgers and fries since we were in a hurry. When we went back to KCC, I saw Alodia. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was her but she uploaded a photo of her manicure and that’s how I confirmed it was her. Haha! And I also met Allie. We had a brief chitchat before the exam started and we took a photo after the exam. (I’ll post it later when Allie posts the photo on her blog.)

I was so nervous about the intermediate exam because even though I finished KGIU and TOPIK 150 Essential Grammar, my vocabulary is still limited so I was worried not only because of the writing part. I was worried about listening and reading too.

The proctor was the same one from the beginning exam. He didn’t bother checking my ID and test slip and just gave me that “Do I still have to?” look. Lol.

Surprisingly, the first part of the exam was easier than what I had expected especially the writing part. I was worried about the essay but I was able to write down a decent essay since the question was pretty easy. I finished it about 15 minutes before the bell rang. I kinda gained a little bit of confidence. But that confidence went away when I barely understood the listening part. That’s when te guessing game began. Lol. The voice made me sleepy, I couldn’t concentrate. The reading part was easier than listening. I understood the gist of the passages and I was enjoying reading them until the proctor said there were only 20 minutes left and I still had a few items to answer. So I just started skimming through the paragraphs trying to understand whatever I could from the words I could recognize. I doubt I passed the intermediate exam. It was too nerve-wracking even to the Korean who was sitting beside me. I’m just not gonna expect so I won’t be disappointed.

I’m so glad my parents let me stay til TOPIK exam. I’ve always wanted to experience taking TOPIK and now that I know what it feels like, I don’t think I wanna go through that madness again. These past two months was stressful to the point that I was experiencing a horrifying hairfall. ㅡ_ㅡ;; Maybe when I’m more prepared, I will take it again. Lol.

Now I can go back to studying without pressure. Whew!

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