Talk to Me in Korean Level 3 Textbook

After waiting for more than three months, my Level 3 TTMIK book has finally arrived. I wanted a signed copy of the book so I ordered the Level 3 book, together with a copy of Level 1 and Level 2 books for my friend, on December 14th, a day before the preorder for Level 3 book ended. I expected that my friend’s books will be shipped first since the Level 3 book hadn’t been published yet. And since it was Christmas and things get a little crazy over at the post office, I expected that the books will arrive at a later time. I went out of town on the first week of January and when I got home, I was surprised to see that a package was waiting for me. It was the Level 1 and Level 2 books which I ordered for my friend. Her books got here in approximately two weeks so I had expected that my book will arrive by the end of January or early February. January passed and February came, still no book. I kinda got worried that my book got lost in transit so I sent a message on TTMIK’s Facebook fanpage. Kyunghwa unnie told me that they shipped the book on January 10th and she also told me to wait and so I did. I drop by the post office every week to pick up packages and whenever I was there, I always asked them if there’s a package in a yellow envelope with my name on it. But there was none. They told me they’ll send me a notice slip when it arrives. So I decided to give it a few more weeks. March came and still no sign of the book. I was having a battle with myself whether or not I should send another message to TTMIK regarding my book since it’s been 3 months already. But I didn’t. I was like “Ugh. Whatever. Forget about it.” LOL!

And I actually forgot about it until a few days ago. On March 15th, I got a notice slip from the post office. The notice slip was issued on February 18th and a note on the back said I should pick it up within 30 days or they will send it back or get rid of it. I figured it was the TTMIK book since I wasn’t waiting for any other packages. I went to the post office to pick it up. Looking at the stamps on the envelope, I found out that my book arrived on the 16th of January. WTF. I got sort of annoyed that they told me the book wasn’t there yet whenever I asked them about it when in fact, it was already there.

Anyway, enough with the rant.

As soon as I got in the car, I ripped the envelope open and browsed the book during the trip to my mom’s hometown. I’m glad they used a smaller font size and lighter color for the romanization, making it look less noticeable. I’m really not a big fan of romanizations and I’m hoping I won’t see any more of it on Level 4. One should learn hangeul and pronunciation rules and stop relying on romanization. Yes, I know it’s hard but with practice, you’ll get used to it soon enough. I really liked the book except for the romanization and perhaps… the exercises. It’s kinda dull and *yawns* boring. But I usually skip the exercises and just move on to the next lesson. Haha!

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about this book right now since I only scanned through the pages. I’ll write a proper review soon. I’ll have to use it first so I can see where it lacks. The book costs 13,000won (approx. $14) plus shipping fee. It comes with an audio CD. You can also download the audio tracks from their site in case you encounter problems ripping the audios to your computer.

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#3 방을 청소한 날


오늘은 한국어 공부를 하고 싶지 않은 날이에요. 공부 대신 방을 청소하기로 했어요. 너무 심심해서 그랬어요. 청소하다가 옷장에서 어떤 박스를 찾았어요. 박스 안에는 고등학교 마지막 해에 반 친구들한테서 받은 편지들이 있어요. 편지를 한장씩 다시 읽었어요. 읽으면서 슬퍼졌어요. 고등학교 반 친구들을 다시 보고 싶어졌어요. 그때로 돌아갈 수 있으면 좋겠어요. 보고싶은 친구들을 다시 만나고 싶어요. 그때 좋아했던 남자를 다시 만나고 싶어요. 그 남자는 지금 베이징에서 유학을 하고있어요. 여자 친구가 있는지 없는지는 잘 모르겠어요. 그는 통통하지만 착한 남자예요. 그래서 좋아했어요.

청소를 계속 해서 5년 묵은 다이어리를 찾았어요. 대학교 2학년 때 Values Class를 위해서 일기를 매일 썼어요. 그 남자에 대한 일기를 많이 썼어요. 대학교 때 같은 학교에 다녔어요. 1년 지나고 제가 다른 학교로 전학을 갔어요. 그때부터 그 남자를 다시 못 봤어요.

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#2 떡볶이 만들어 본 날


I wrote this on February 1 and had it corrected by natives at lang-8 but I forgot to post it here. ^^;;

안녕하세요 여러분! 오랜만이죠? 다시 만나서 정말 반가워요. 오늘은 2월 1일이에요. 그저께 엄마가 마닐라에 다녀왔어요. 비행기가 늦게 도착해서 공항에서 오래 기다렸어요. 엄마는 마닐라에 언니랑 오빠를 만나러 갔었고 며칠 동안 그곳에서 머물렀었어요. 엄마가 마닐라로 떠나던 날, 되게 슬펐어요. 저도 엄마랑 같이 마닐라에 가고 싶었어요. 저도 언니랑 오빠가 너무 보고싶었어요. 가고 싶었지만 비행기를 못 타서 못 갔어요. 4년 전에 비행기에서 죽을 뻔했었어요. 그래서 그 트라우마 때문에 아직도 비행기를 타지 못해요. 너무 무서워하거든요. 너무 무섭지만 TOPIK 시험을 보려고 해서 4월에 비행기를 타야 해요.

어제는 엄마랑 같이 시장에 갔어요. 시장에는 사람이 정말 많았어요. 엄마가 야채를 사는 동안 저는 사진 찍었어요. 장을 다 본 뒤, 우리는 쇼핑몰에 갔어요. Mex ’em Up이라는 멕시코 레스토랑에서 점심을 먹었어요. 그곳에 처음 가봤어요. 엄마는 Mango Salmon을 시키고 저는 Asian Buffalo Wings을 시켰어요. 음식은 조금 매웠지만 완전 맛있었어요. 그 음식을 만드는 법을 배우고 싶었어요. 점심때가 지나고 집에 갔어요. 집에 도착해서 떡볶이를 만들어 봤어요. 떡을 직접 만들어 봤는데 계량컵이 없어서 망쳤어요. 처음 요리하는 거라서 실수를 많이 했고 손도 좀 다쳤어요. 근데 지금은 괜찮아졌어요. 다음 주에 다시 한번 만들어 볼 거예요. 여러분 저를 응원해 주세요. ^^

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