Review: 3W Clinic Makeup Powder

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Just a little disclaimer here. I am not a beauty blogger (coz I don’t consider myself a beauty lol). I’m just someone who reviews a product that I’ve been using for a couple of days. All items were bought using my own money which means this is not a sponsored post and everything written here are my honest opinion about the product featured in this post.

Let’s start.

The first time I heard of the brand 3W Clinic, I was working at the South Korean military base camp last year. Most of the Korean soldiers were using 3W Clinic’s sunblock and aloe vera soothing gel. They were really conscious of their skin turning dark because of the scorching heat so they had like boxes of 3W Clinic’s sunblock. They even gave me some when we went to the beach for an outing. It was really good and it had a really nice smell. I ended up liking it very much. So when I heard about this natural makeup powder by 3W Clinic, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try. I wanted to see why it’s one of their bestselling products and I’ve seen people raving about it on their blogs and Youtube videos.

I’m too busy to apply makeup in the morning. Sometimes I just put on powder to keep my oils at bay. I only use liquid foundation when I’m not that busy or lazy. When I have time, I also put on a few coats of mascara and some eyeliner to make my eyes look pretty and make it appear less sleepy.


When I got my 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder, the first thought that entered my mind was how huge the container was. I wasn’t expecting it to be big. What I was expecting was that it will be same diameter and a few centimeters taller than any normal compact powder. But it’s really big. It’s not ideal to carry it around if you have a small purse. I really don’t recommend anyone to carry this around because it’s gonna be messy because when I shake it even just a bit, so much powder comes out from the huge holes. The plastic container made the product look really cheap and I feel like it will crack if my clumsy self drops it. Honestly speaking, if I see this product at a drugstore or grocery store, I’d probably ignore it because since it looks cheap, I’d doubt it will do anything good to my skin. I like the powder puff but some people don’t and uses a kabuki brush or a powder brush instead. Oh well, to each his own.

I’ve been using 3W Clinic’s Natural Makeup Powder for a couple of days now. I noticed that the huge pores around my nose looked much smaller after applying the powder. I’m not sure if it promises to control oil but I noticed that my nose doesn’t get oily as much as it used to. I haven’t tried using it to set my liquid foundation yet. But I’m looking forward to see if it will make my face look cakey or dry or something but I’m feeling positive that it won’t because I tried piling it up on my bare face and still feels like I didn’t put anything on. I find that it works better when used after I put on a thin layer of Foodaholic’s Snail Mucus Soothing Gel which I will be reviewing soon when I have time. When I tried putting the powder on after the snail gel dries up, it makes my skin feels smoother and supple and since it adheres well because of the gel, I find that it lasts longer and I don’t need to retouch often. If you’re looking for coverage, this powder is not for you. It doesn’t cover your blemishes.

– Doesn’t give me a cakey look and doesn’t clog pores
– 30g is enough to last me for month
– Feels light on the skin
– Keep my oil at bay
– Cheap

– Cheap packaging
– Too much product comes out from the holes
– Not suitable for carrying around

Final Verdict
I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 5. It’s really good and cheap. Plus it feel super light when applied. If they change the packaging (use a more sturdy material and change the design) and make the holes inside smaller, I’d give it a perfect 5. But if the packaging doesn’t bother you, then I highly recommend that you get one of these. You can get it in light beige (if you’re really fair), natural beige, and translucent. It also comes in 50g but I think 30g is enough since you won’t really have to use a lot.

Will I repurchase? Yes, of course!

Where to buy?

Beauty With a Seoul
IG: @beautywithaseoul
FB: beautywithaseoul
Price: P265

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