Facing My Greatest Fear

Guess where I’m going. My first plane ticket after the traumatic plane experience 6 years ago.

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It’s been a while since my last update. I haven’t worked on Day 2 of my Real Men fanaccount. I’m terribly sorry. I’ll get to that as soon as I get time to put watermark on the photos. There’s just a bunch of pictures to go through and I’m not always on my laptop.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the fanaccount but I’m here to write about something else more important, well at least for me.

I used to travel by plane but 6 years ago, I had a bit of a horrifying experience during a flight. I was on my way back to Tacloban after a short trip to Boracay with my parents and sister. When the plane took off, I felt like someone’s hands were tightly wrapped around my neck strangling me to death. I couldn’t breathe and I was struggling for air. It felt like all my blood vessels were going to erupt and I could feel drops of sweat trickling down the side of my face and neck. And since the weather wasn’t good that day, it took a bit longer for the seat belt sign to go off so my sweaty palms gripped the armrest tightly as if my life depended on it while I waited for the flight attendant to come. I spent the rest of the flight inhaling oxygen from a mask connected to a small oxygen tank. But it didn’t help to bring my breathing back to normal. I only felt better after we landed. Since then, the thought of getting on an airplane again scares me more than a horror movie scares me.

From then on, I refused to get on a plane even when my cardiologist told me it was safe for me to do so but I was just too scared to give it another try and so for a couple of years, I traveled to and from Manila by car. It was definitely not the smart choice because not only was it expensive but I also had to travel for hours. Like why suffer for hours when you can get there in an hour by plane? People told me that several times but I just wasn’t ready. There had to be some good reason for me to be brave enough to willingly take the risk.

And I finally got that good reason. There’s a Korean Cultural Center here in the Philippines and every year, they hold a Korean speech contest. It used to be open for their language students only but couple of years ago, they started accepting applications from non-KCC students. I so badly wanted to join the contest so I decided to give it a try. And because of that, I finally gathered enough courage to face one of my fears which is getting on an airplane.

I was having second thoughts actually. I wanted to back out because I was starting to get scared but the flight was already booked and there was no turning back. The night before, I prepared myself emotionally, mentally and physically. LOL! And when I woke up the next day, I tried not to freak out. I just thought it was just like any ordinary day and there’s no reason to get worked up. My mom arrived from Manila that morning. I was about to leave when she arrived. I tried not to cry when she told me to be brave and pray. Everyone in my family knew how big this moment was for me. Before I left the house, I gave my parents a tight hug just in case it was the last.

“God, please don’t let this be the last hug.” was all that I could think of that moment.

I thought I’d never get to see the clouds from above again.

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To be very honest, I was secretly wishing that time would freeze or slow down so I’ll have more time to prepare myself. I tried to distract myself. I was at the arrival area waiting for Paul oppa’s plane to land. When he arrived, I talked to him for a bit until it was time to board the plane. I was half excited and half scared as I climbed up the stairs. When I settled down on my seat, I listened to some upbeat songs on my ipod and closed my eyes and offered a silent prayer. I’m not very religious but I prayed hard to God to keep me calm and not to panic and take away all the anxiety I felt that moment. When they closed the doors and the plane started heading towards the end of the runway, I started to panic a little for a fraction of a second. But I just concentrated on the song that my ipod was playing. I don’t even remember what song it was. When the plane picked up speed, I had a smile on my face. I was thinking if I die right this moment, well at least I gave it a try and I was proud of myself. I was getting ready for that moment when the plane’s wheels finally leave the ground and when that moment came, the sudden change in altitude made me struggle to breathe for a few seconds but I was able to recover from the initial shock. I opened my eyes and looked out the window. I was so happy and I wished my mom was there with me that moment. I would have hugged her and cried happy tears.

When the plane finally landed, I hurriedly sent a series of messages to my mom and all my friends. I was like a kid who had way too much sugar. I was very hyper I could’ve jumped up and down if it weren’t for my heavy bag. I received a lot of “I told you so” messages and all I could do was just laugh at myself for being such a coward for years. It felt very rewarding that even if I had won that speech contest, I bet it will not beat the feeling I felt when I alighted the plane. I wish I had done this earlier but well, better late than never, right? Mission accomplished.

I will be talking more about the speech contest on my next post.


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DAY 1: Working with the Real Men Cast and Crew


Disclaimer: I kept my distance from the celebrities so that they wouldn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable or harassed.
Before I met Henry, it never occurred to me, not even in my dreams, that I would get the rare chance of working with a very popular Korean idol, let alone meet them or even lay my eyes on them. So I’m very thankful that I got a job as an interpreter and Korean language teacher at Araw Contingent, a group of South Korean soldiers deployed to help rebuild the schools that got damaged during typhoon Haiyan. Out of the few Filipino interpreters who worked for Araw Contingent, I was the only one who could communicate in Korean. I’m glad I decided to self study Korean. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten that job and I would have missed the chance of working with Korean celebrities.

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I knew about the filming way before Allkpop or any other kpop news sites published articles about it. It was mentioned to me during my job interview that a Korean variety program is coming to film a special episode. Prior to my interview, I have never heard of Real Men (진짜 사나이) so I didn’t know who were in the cast. I assumed they were celebrities that I have never heard of or not very familiar with. So after my job interview, I got home and did a little research about the show. And I was surprised to see the names Henry Lau, Park Hyungsik and K.Will on the list of cast members. And the first question that entered my mind was would they really come here just to film an episode of their show? The thought of Henry Lau, Park Hyungsik and K.Will coming to Tacloban for a filming sounded so surreal and absurd, I just thought that maybe I just misinterpreted what they said. My Korean is not that good so I just convinced myself that I probably have heard it wrong.

On my first day of work, I was given a bunch of papers. Printed on those papers were the IDs of the celebrities. I was told to cut and laminate the IDs. When I saw the names of Henry, Hyungsik and K.Will, I was trying my best not to let my excitement show. I secretly was spazzing inside. I could feel my stomach churning in excitement. There were so many things going on in my mind while I was cursing under my breathe because the laminating machine didn’t cooperate with me. Is this for real? Henry? Hyungsik? K.Will? Will I get to see them? If I see them, what should I do? Would my boss scold me if I get an autograph and selca with them? Questions popped in my mind one after another. I really didn’t expect to see them, it was enough for me that I made the IDs that they will putting on and will be using for the duration of their stay here in our city. That alone made me happy and contented. I wasn’t expecting because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

News started to spread on kpop news sites as the cast of Real Men were spotted filming at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila in their military uniforms. People guessed that they will come to Tacloban to film a show since there’s a Korean military base camp here. And as soon as the news spread like wildfire, my phone went off the hook. My friends started texting and calling me nonstop to ask me if it was true and they were trying to get inside information from me but I kept my mouth shut. I wanted to tell everyone but I couldn’t because I have a contract and in that contract, it stated that I am not allowed to spill information seen or heard inside the camp. And there was nothing much to spill because the only thing I knew was that they’re coming but I didn’t know what the plan was or what their schedule was.

That afternoon, my boss and two other soldiers were rehearsing for their parts. I was supposed to go home already but I was still waiting for my mom to pick me up after work. My boss was assigned to make a presentation to brief the celebrities about Philippines and our culture and tell them how popular Korean entertainment is in our country. The two soldiers were to do a re-enactment in Tagalog of some scenes in the drama Jewel in the Palace and Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart. They were asking me how their Tagalog was. It was cute and funny and I think it was pretty damn entertaining. That time, I didn’t know what it was for. I just enjoyed watching them rehearsing. Then my boss said that the celebrities have arrived and were on their way to the camp. That’s when I got up and grabbed my purse. I was preparing to leave. My boss asked me if I wanted to stay and watch the celebrities. I was blushing. I wanted to say yes but I wasn’t ready to meet Henry, Hyungsik and K.Will yet plus it was my first day of work, I didn’t want them to see me as a crazy fangirl. I was trying to behave on my first day.

The next day, I didn’t get to see the celebrities. My boss told me that they will come to our office. The plan was that they will make a quick stop in our office to claim their IDs, we’ll get to shake their hands and he said he’ll try to talk them into letting us take a picture with them. So we cleaned and tried to make the office decent. And while I was sweeping the floor, all I could think of was ‘OMG, I’m going to get to see them and shake their hands. You are one lucky bish!’ But at the end of the day, I’ve seen no celebrities and I went home hoping to get even just a quick glimpse of them the next day.

DAY 1 

And my prayers were answered! May 7th 2014, I finally met them. All I was asking for was a glimpse but I got way more than what I had hoped for. I went to work and sat in the office, waiting for instructions. I was expecting my boss would let me clean the office again. But he came in together with a female PD who wasn’t really friendly. My boss told me that the staff of Real Men wanted me to do something. I was like… ‘Okay… Is it time to panic yet? Can I go home now?’ Then he left me alone with the unfriendly PD unnie. We were quiet for a few minutes and after gathering a lot of courage, I decided to break the silence and talked to her in Korean. I asked her what it was that they wanted me to do and she told me in a very arrogant manner to wait. ‘Okay… mommy… Boss, where the hell are you?’ Then a more friendly and cute PD unnie with a blond hair cut in a bob came inside and greeted me with a smile. She told me that I have to introduce the guests to the students and I was supposed to ask them to say something to the students to make them feel comfortable and at ease to keep the atmosphere lively. And they told me to speak in Korean. In front of the students, celebrities and….cameras. CAMERAS! Okay, I’m doomed.

I was told to go to the school first. I wrote down what I would say in case I messed up. The students were asking me who the special quests were and I just told them to wait. Then a military truck arrived and out comes the celebrities in their military uniforms and they were marching with my boss towards the classroom. My boss introduced them to the students one by one and he gestured for me to come up front and left the classroom with some of the students for the Korean language class and K.Will, Sam Hammington and Cheon Jung Myung. Henry, Seo Kyungsuk, Park and two Araw soldiers were left behind to teach the music class. I stood in front. Henry was standing beside me. I was waiting for a cue or signal from the PDs for me to start talking but I got nervous to see 3 huge cameras pointed at us. Then Henry turned his head and looked at me, flashing me a friendly smile. And he said, ‘Hey! Hello, who are you?’ and I lost my words and I stuttered and instead of saying that I’m a teacher, I said I was an interpreter. I didn’t know what made me more nervous, the cameras or Henry standing beside me with his elbow brushing against mine. No words came out of my mouth after that. So they just introduced their selves to the students while I quietly stepped back and made my exit and stood behind the cameras at the back of the classroom. I’m so sorry for not doing my task, friendly PD unnie. I love you. Then friendly PD unnie handed me the attendance sheet and told me to check the student’s attendance but Henry took it and my pen from me and told me (with a very sweet smile) that he’ll do it instead. He apologized in advance to the students for butchering their names. Lol.

They started talking then Henry sat on a chair and played the keyboard. It was magical. I couldn’t explain how I felt watching him play the keyboard. Thousands of girls paid thousands of money to see him play the piano but didn’t get a chance to get close to him but I, on the other hand, didn’t pay a single cent but I got to watch him play the keyboard up close and I got to talk to him and make eye contact with him and feel his elbows against mine. I was thankful.

It was summer and the heat was more than what I could handle. Feeling exhausted, I sat on a chair with two of the cameras just a foot in front of me. I looked at the ground and heard Henry and Seo Kyungsuk calling me, ‘선생님! 선생님!’. I got startled and when I looked up, all 3 cameras were pointing at me. Could you imagine how I felt when I saw the cameras inches away from my face? I was sweating and I silently prayed that they cut my part out because it was so embarrassing. I hate being in front of a camera. They were asking me who were the most talented in class when it comes to singing. I told them that it’s only been 3 days since I started working so I don’t know the students that well yet. Sorry for being useless, Henry. Lol.

I tried to take pictures of them with my phone camera. I tried to be as discreet as possible because some of the school’s teachers got told off when they tried taking pictures. They probably didn’t want the viewers of the show to see what’s in store for this special episodes. But when they saw me taking pictures, they just smiled at me. Later that day, I learned that it was okay for me to take pictures since I work for Araw Contingent and my boss told me not to upload anything until after the episodes got aired. It was scheduled to air in July so I have to wait 2 months. If I uploaded before that, I’d be severely punished. Lol. Just kidding but they would take legal actions against me if I did.

While they were filming, my co-worker came and told me my boss was looking for me. I went to the other classroom. I found him standing at the back. He was teasing me and asking me how I feel seeing Henry and working with him. I couldn’t contain my feelings and I punched his arm playfully. Since he knew that I like Henry, he purposely assigned me to handle the music class. Then I went back to the music class.

The students asked to see K.Will so Park Geonhyung went to get him from the language class. They were squealing upon seeing K.Will and he sang a short part of Alicia Key’s If I Ain’t Got You. Too bad I didn’t get to take a video of that. He has an amazing voice and hearing it in person, I was speechless.
During lunchtime, the students were asked to come back in the afternoon while we stayed behind. The celebrities continued filming while eating their lunch. I ate lunch in a different classroom. It was my first time to eat military food. You know… the meal in a bag. It tastes… Well, it was tasteless. I don’t ever want that food down my throat ever again.

I felt sorry for the celebrities. They looked very exhausted and the heat wasn’t helping. I would understand if they got irritated. I’d be irritated too if I were in their shoes, filming nonstop for days in the terrible heat. During breaks, they were either chit chatting or just sitting quietly. I was expecting they’d show some attitude but I didn’t see them complaining or lashing out on the staff or do any mean things that you’d expect a celebrity would do when the camera is off.


That afternoon, the celebrities changed into their taekwondo uniform and gathered in the school field with the students. I finally took my camera out and started taking pictures and videos. Since Henry and Sam speaks English, they built a connection with the students while the other cast members just depended on the two for translations since they can’t speak English well.

They took out some wooden boards. K.Will sang If Ain’t Got You before punching the boards, breaking them in half. Then they each took a board and Cheon Jung Myung kicked them all in half. At first, I didn’t know who he was but when I saw him, I squealed upon realizing that he was the lead guy in Cinderalla’s Sister. He is so handsome in real life. K.Will held a board and let Seo Kyungsuk break it with his forehead. Ouch.

Then the staff started packing up, the students left and we all headed back to the base camp.
That’s the end of my 1st day with the Korean celebrities. Park Hyungsik and the others went with the marines so I didn’t get to see him that day.

I will post Day 2 soon. ^^ Subscribe to my blog for updates. Or if you’re a wordpress user, follow me. ^^

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Review: 3W Clinic Makeup Powder

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Just a little disclaimer here. I am not a beauty blogger (coz I don’t consider myself a beauty lol). I’m just someone who reviews a product that I’ve been using for a couple of days. All items were bought using my own money which means this is not a sponsored post and everything written here are my honest opinion about the product featured in this post.

Let’s start.

The first time I heard of the brand 3W Clinic, I was working at the South Korean military base camp last year. Most of the Korean soldiers were using 3W Clinic’s sunblock and aloe vera soothing gel. They were really conscious of their skin turning dark because of the scorching heat so they had like boxes of 3W Clinic’s sunblock. They even gave me some when we went to the beach for an outing. It was really good and it had a really nice smell. I ended up liking it very much. So when I heard about this natural makeup powder by 3W Clinic, I didn’t hesitate to give it a try. I wanted to see why it’s one of their bestselling products and I’ve seen people raving about it on their blogs and Youtube videos.

I’m too busy to apply makeup in the morning. Sometimes I just put on powder to keep my oils at bay. I only use liquid foundation when I’m not that busy or lazy. When I have time, I also put on a few coats of mascara and some eyeliner to make my eyes look pretty and make it appear less sleepy.


When I got my 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder, the first thought that entered my mind was how huge the container was. I wasn’t expecting it to be big. What I was expecting was that it will be same diameter and a few centimeters taller than any normal compact powder. But it’s really big. It’s not ideal to carry it around if you have a small purse. I really don’t recommend anyone to carry this around because it’s gonna be messy because when I shake it even just a bit, so much powder comes out from the huge holes. The plastic container made the product look really cheap and I feel like it will crack if my clumsy self drops it. Honestly speaking, if I see this product at a drugstore or grocery store, I’d probably ignore it because since it looks cheap, I’d doubt it will do anything good to my skin. I like the powder puff but some people don’t and uses a kabuki brush or a powder brush instead. Oh well, to each his own.

I’ve been using 3W Clinic’s Natural Makeup Powder for a couple of days now. I noticed that the huge pores around my nose looked much smaller after applying the powder. I’m not sure if it promises to control oil but I noticed that my nose doesn’t get oily as much as it used to. I haven’t tried using it to set my liquid foundation yet. But I’m looking forward to see if it will make my face look cakey or dry or something but I’m feeling positive that it won’t because I tried piling it up on my bare face and still feels like I didn’t put anything on. I find that it works better when used after I put on a thin layer of Foodaholic’s Snail Mucus Soothing Gel which I will be reviewing soon when I have time. When I tried putting the powder on after the snail gel dries up, it makes my skin feels smoother and supple and since it adheres well because of the gel, I find that it lasts longer and I don’t need to retouch often. If you’re looking for coverage, this powder is not for you. It doesn’t cover your blemishes.

– Doesn’t give me a cakey look and doesn’t clog pores
– 30g is enough to last me for month
– Feels light on the skin
– Keep my oil at bay
– Cheap

– Cheap packaging
– Too much product comes out from the holes
– Not suitable for carrying around

Final Verdict
I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 5. It’s really good and cheap. Plus it feel super light when applied. If they change the packaging (use a more sturdy material and change the design) and make the holes inside smaller, I’d give it a perfect 5. But if the packaging doesn’t bother you, then I highly recommend that you get one of these. You can get it in light beige (if you’re really fair), natural beige, and translucent. It also comes in 50g but I think 30g is enough since you won’t really have to use a lot.

Will I repurchase? Yes, of course!

Where to buy?

Beauty With a Seoul
IG: @beautywithaseoul
FB: beautywithaseoul
Price: P265

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