Korean Word #2: 요즘

I tried reading a Korean comics online and I didn’t understand most of the sentences. Haha! Mainly because I don’t know that much Korean words yet. But I’m glad I attempted to read a manhwa. It only made me more motivated to learn Korean because I was curious about the story and I wanna read each chapter of it and find out what happened. LOL.

Today’s Korean word is 요즘. It means these days; nowadays; lately; recently.

1. 요즘 정말 바빴어요.

  • 요즘
  • – Lately, recently, nowadays…

  • 정말
  • – really, truly

  • 바빴어요.
  • – 바빴어 is the past tense form of the word 바쁘다. It means be busy or be not free.

요즘 정말 바빴어요 means I’ve been pretty busy lately / Lately, I’ve been really busy.

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Korean Word #1: 조심하다

To help me learn new Korean words, I’ll be posting one word, hopefully, a day. I will also include sample sentences from online dictionaries to help me understand the word more and show me how it is used. Self-studying is not easy especially for someone like me who lacks discipline. XD By doing this, I’ll be able to keep track of all the Korean words that I have learned.

Today’s word is 조심하다.

According to Daum’s online dictionary, 조심하다 is a verb which means be careful; beware (of); watch (out).

1. 저 사람 조심하세요.

  • – In this sentence, it means ‘that….over there.’ not ‘I’.

  • 사람
  • – Person

  • 조심하세요.
  • – Be careful

저 사람 조심하세요 means ‘Be careful of that person. / Be careful of him. / Beware of him.’
2. 앞으로 조심하겠습니다.

  • 앞으로
  • – from now on

  • 조심하겠습니다.
  • – I will be careful.

앞으로 조심하겠습니다 means ‘From now on, I will be careful.’

Gaaah! My English is failing me. >_<

I do not intend for this blog to be a learning resource for people who are learning Korean. I just want to write everything that comes to my mind regarding learning Korean. I also just want to share my experience or the things I’ve learned or the hardships I’m going through while learning the language. I will not entertain comments asking for help because I, myself, am learning and I have nothing to teach you. But I do hope that someday, I will be able to help those who are learning Korean.

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What I’m Worried About…

There is one thing that I’m really worried about when it comes to learning Korean language. I don’t think I’m going to have that much hard time learning the grammar than learning new Korean words. I’m not that worried about it because it’s just like Math, as long as you know the formula, you’re good to go. I’m more worried about broadening my vocabulary. I’m not really good when it comes to vocabulary. I think it will be difficult for me to remember the meaning of the words. I’m having a hard time broadening my English vocabulary so I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same in Korean.

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