New Year, New Beginning

After much consideration, I have decided to move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. There’s just so many things I could do which I can’t on a free WordPress blog. There’s too many limitations and I like being able to tweak things on the CSS file to make my blog look the way I want it to appear. Well, not exactly. I have a better design in mind but I’m not talented and creative when it comes to making graphics and using Photoshop or Illustrator and I only know basic coding stuff. The only reason I decided to put up with’s free blog is that… well, it’s free. Hosting plans are so expensive. I have the budget but I’d rather use that money to buy something more useful like a Korean textbook or something that I could use for my business. I’m glad I found Giraffe Host. They offer hosting plans for personal blogs and sites for free. I decided to apply for the 300mb plan since I don’t need that much space for now. I’ll be posting here from now on.

I’ll be able to teach my students again months after I quit my job as their Korean teacher. I will only be teaching a few people since I’m too busy and I can’t handle a huge class. Besides, I believe it’s more effective that way because I hate having students who don’t put effort in learning the language and having students like them around makes me feel sorry for those who seriously want to learn the language because we have to review previous lessons until everyone understands. When that happens, the students who are doing well will start to get bored of learning the same thing again and again and will start to lose interest along the way but I cannot move on to the next lesson because it will be harder for students to learn something new when they haven’t even fully understood what has been discussed already. I’m not exactly a teacher so I dunno how teachers overcome this problem. If any of you is a teacher, I’d like to hear your opinion or I could use a tip or two. Our goal is for the students to pass the TOPIK exam on April and get at least a Level 2. We only have approximately a hundred days before the exam and there’s still a lot to be taught. I also have to study for that exam. I’m aiming for a Level 5. I already passed a Level 4. Level 6 is pshhh.. That seems impossible right now. That will have to wait.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Just a little update about my site and my life. Thanks for reading. ^^

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  1. The new site looks lovely. I also can’t stand that I barely edit the CSS and that there’s an upload limit when it comes to how many pictures can be uploaded on your blog and also video and sound. The last two aren’t so bad because you can just add in a YouTube or SoundCloud code, but still. I was thinking about having my own .com or something, but I don’t post regularly at the moment so I wouldn’t want to waste any money. But you just let me know about Giraffe Host and free is great so I might try it later. :)

    1. You should definitely give them a try. I once had a site hosted by the same owner back in 2012. I experienced no downtime. Some sites offer free hosting but has downtime and/or you’re forced to put a Google ad on the sidebar and I just hate that. In Giraffe Host, everything is free and the owner is nice. All you need is a domain name or if you don’t want to spend money, you can choose from her super cute subdomains.

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