My 36th TOPIK Result

As I have mentioned in my previous post, passing TOPIK 2 is a very difficult task for intermediate learners like me. To be honest, it was so difficult I thought I wouldn’t be able to advance to Level 4 and still get Level 3. I didn’t look forward to the day the result came out. I dreaded that day to the extent that I got so sick I wasn’t able to open my restaurant that day. I wanted to check the result on the website but it was down.

The next day, I woke up to see a message from a Korean soldier telling me to text him as soon as I get up. And so I did and he told me I passed TOPIK 2. I was half asleep then so I got confused. Why on earth did I get Level 2? Lol. Stress is not good for the body. Haha! He told me I passed Level 4. But he didn’t know my score so I asked my previous boss, who is in Korea, to call TOPIK and asked about my score. I got 187 out of 300. I was 3 points away from getting Level 5!!!!! If I had answered one more question correctly, I could have passed Level 5!!! Why does this keep happening to me?? The last time I took TOPIK, I was 0.25 point away from getting Level 4 so I only got Level 3. Heh. I hate this kind of feeling. I almost passed Level 5. OTL But anyway, I’m happy I got Level 4 instead of getting another Level 3.

I’m planning to take TOPIK again but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take the one on April coz it’s not easy to find time to study while running a restaurant.

When the TOPIK site is okay, I’ll post a screenshot of my scores here.

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  1. Congratulations! 😀 That “one more question” is always such a pain, isn’t it? But I’m glad to know that you passed.

    By the way, for the new exams, it still says the level of your score? I thought you just pass or fail the new TOPIK I amd TOPIK II. So for TOPIK II, depending on your score, it’ll say anything from level 3 to 6?

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