Monthly Language Report #2

I failed to make a language report for the month of February. /facepalm I feel like it’s still January. I wish time would slow down or at least let me fast forward to June or July. I didn’t have time to make a video and my internet connection is so slow, it won’t let me upload large files nowadays. T^T So I just recorded an audio instead. 😀 When I recorded this, I was feeling sleepy so please excuse my voice if it sounds lifeless or boring. XD

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  1. Wow! Your Korean is great, and I like your intonation (plus the bg music!).. I replayed this for quite a few times because it’s so relaxing and nice to my ears. Hehe. By the way, when you recorded this, you weren’t reading, were you? You’re awesome, I mean I can’t even speak straight Korean for a minute. XD

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