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Hello everyone! It’s been so long since I’ve posted something on this blog. How are you guys doing? I hope life is treating you well.

I think some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything after my post about applying for a Korean visa and getting approved. I would be curious too since a free trip to Korea and five days of attending a short course about Korean culture at Kyunghee University would’ve been a good topic to blog about, right?

Did I get lazy to edit tons of pictures?

No, I did not get lazy. Why would I be lazy when I was too excited to blog about it? I had a lot of plans on how to blog about it and what to write about. I even made a list of what I should pay attention on and things that I should definitely not forget to mention on my blog posts. I also planned to edit videos of the places I went to and upload them on Youtube. I also made a list of songs to use for the background music. I think I would have gone an extra mile just to help KTO in promoting Korea. It’s the least I could’ve done to thank them for the free trip.

So why didn’t I blog about it?

The reason why I didn’t blog about my Korean trip is because I’ve got no pictures to post, no stories to talk about and no videos to show you guys. I never went to Korea. Because my health wasn’t in good condition, I couldn’t go so I had to cancel 2 days before my scheduled flight. And as what we had agreed on, I had to give the trip to the 2nd place winner. Pretty sad, isn’t it? Yeah, it was really sad.  Oh well, that’s life.

I did get depressed about it. Who wouldn’t be, right? But I got a job not long after that and it kinda helped me to distract myself. I worked in the city hall for 2 months before I had to quit because I kept getting sick. Not really knowing what to do, I enrolled in an online TEFL course. I just might find it useful someday. (I still haven’t finished it. Ugh)

I decided to try my luck in business again so I opened my travel agency. I just started a few days ago. (Ehem, I do have Korea tour packages if anyone is interested. Lol. Shameless plugging, I know. Haha!) And I also sell handmade products for planners and journals.

And just recently, I made a Facebook page. I should have done this before when I still had regular readers. Lol. But some people who are learning Korean wanted to add me on Facebook and I’m not really comfortable in adding people I barely know because some of my posts are kinda too personal to be shared with total strangers. There were also a lot of people who messaged me asking me about the application process for the Korean speech contest. I created that page so that it will be easier for them to reach me. Also, since I plan to get back to studying Korean again, it will be good a place to post short updates of my progress.

Anyway, thank you for taking a moment to read this post. Please kindly like my pages. I really need everyone’s help and support right now. Thank you in advance.

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