Lintaon Peak, Baybay | #TRAVEL

The 16,000 Blossoms in Lintaon Peak has been unveiled and opened to public just recently. A media friend was invited to the opening ceremony and I saw his posts and photos of the 16,000 Blossoms so I made a mental note to visit them one of these days.

Since my sister is in town, we decided to go to Lintaon Peak to see the 16,000 LED roses. They’re pretty much the same LED roses you’ll see in Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Korea and in 10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova, Cebu.

We arrived at the peak around 5:30PM and it was already crowded. If you’re planning to go there, it’s best to go before 4:30PM so you can secure a parking space and you’ll have time to bask in the delightful scenery the peak has to offer. The view was amaaaaazing. Sorry for the lack of words to describe the spectacular view but it’s best to go there and see for yourself. Seeing how high we were, I was feeling a bit uneasy at first coz I have fear of heights. I almost didn’t want to go to where the roses were. Haha!

On our way out, the traffic was so heavy and there was a ridiculously long line of incoming cars waiting to get in. They might not let you in until some people have left and parking space becomes available. It’s best to come early.

I suggest you wear a pair of sneakers instead of your usual flipflops or sandals as the path is kinda steep. Bring food since there’s no place to buy food or drinks but please don’t throw your trash just anywhere. Let’s be responsible human beings. Also, bring a flashlight coz it’s too dark to see the path you’re walking on on your way back. You wouldn’t want to slip and fall on some rocks, would you?

After visiting Lintaon Peak, we dropped by the Pomponan Church and had dinner at my dad’s former officemate’s place. I didn’t get to take any photos or videos coz I was exhausted from all the walking I did at the peak. Lol!

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