Korean Radio Dramas

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I finally have my laptop back. It kept dying on me whenever I used it even just for a couple of hours so I eventually had to stop using it and I was stuck with my crappy ipod which didn’t even let me browse the web without getting on my last nerve. I had my laptop checked by my brother and it’s fine now. Sort of. It still crashes once in a while but way less often than it used to.

What I was worried about was my files on my laptop. I’m glad that my files were still intact and didn’t vanish. I would have died if they did especially my Korean textbooks in pdf and other materials I use for studying Korean like the scripts that I downloaded which were very hard to find, and the Korean radio dramas that I’ve downloaded from KBS along with the scripts.

Yes, I listen to Korean radio dramas which is kinda weird for me because I was never fond of radio dramas. To be honest, I don’t like the radio dramas here in our country. I’ve listened to it before when I was much younger because my nanny and the maids were very much fond of it and I shivered in disgust because the story was too cliche and it felt like being brought back into the 1970s or even earlier than that. It’s just not as enjoyable as watching a drama on TV.

Korean radio dramas isn’t any different with our local radio dramas. The story is just as cliche and it makes me cringe. But for the sake of language learning, I am enduring it. LOL! I listen to them and I use them when I’m shadowing because the script is available. Normally, I use audios that I ripped from Korean dramas but there’s too many long interludes between scenes and I cannot be bothered to crop those out.

One of the things that I like about listening to Korean radio dramas is that I tend to remember the words more effectively rather than just reading it from the script and I get to train my ears to get used to how fast Koreans normally speak. And unlike watching dramas where there are a bunch of handsome or pretty Korean celebs to distract me, I tend to pay attention more and try to understand what is being said by the voice actors.

I’ve been listening to a radio drama entitled “지울 수 없는 사랑” / Love that cannot be erased. It’s a story about an unmarried couple contemplating on whether or not they should keep their child or just get rid of it through abortion. The woman wanted to keep their child but the man wasn’t ready to have kids just yet so he was trying to convince her. It’s a nice story and surprisingly, I was able to keep up and understand most of it even without reading the script. Maybe because the sentences were easy enough to be understood in my level.

If you guys want to listen to Korean radio dramas with scripts, you better check out KBS 무대. That’s where I got all my radio dramas from. They’ve got tons of dramas to choose from so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that will interest you.

Anyway, all the bedrooms in our house have been renovated. The walls have been repainted and the closets have been fixed. Now my room looks a whole lot better than how it used to be and it looks so inviting I cannot wait to use it. The paint has dried up already but the room still reeks of paint so I can’t move back in yet. It looks like I’ll have to spend a week or two more sleeping on the couch in the living room with my brothers on a mattress on the floor.

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    1. Mine too. I’ve been away from the laptop for too long that my eyes now get watery from staring at the monitor after a couple of minutes have passed. T__T You should try listening to 지울 수 없는 사랑. It’s pretty much easy to understand.

  1. I will definitely try this one out. OH MY GOSH you’re just soooo right about the radio dramas here in the Philippines. I can almost here the score playing in my head whenever the drama starts *mind LSS >.<*. Anyway, I didn't like it not because the stories were simple and all, I just didn't like radios and we didn't really grew up sleeping at noon while radio dramas are playing on the background. But since this is more like an easier radio-listening idea versus me listening to EXO's first 슈키라 방송 over and over again. If I'm just Korean, I would've probably memorized a lot of lines there.

    But before this one, I should check more of TTMIK's Iyagi lessons because I think it's… well, nothing. LOL. I just think radio dramas are very 아줌마tic, lol, but then if through this I can have the opportunity to practice more of my 듣기, then let's go!! ^^

    1. My nanny and the maids used to listen to the afternoon radio dramas when I’m watching tv in the living room. For a 5 year old kid, it was so annoying hear the score and the sobbing and all that while watching my favorite cartoons. XD I tried listening to Sukira shows but it was too fast for me. I feel happy when I get the joke and could laugh with them but most of the times, I feels so frustrated I just stop listening to it. XD TTMIK Iyagi is more “sophisticated” than the 아줌마tic radio dramas but I just kinda like listening to the radio dramas coz you learn how Koreans speak when there’s emotions involved. The tone is just different when they’re angry or sad or happy.

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