I’m Stuck!

I’m stuck~ Ugh! I’ve finished all the Level 1 lessons from TTMIK for some time now. I should be done with Level 2 by now. But I don’t know. I feel so stuck at Level 1. I don’t feel confident moving on to the next level. I’m having a hard time constructing simple yet decent and grammatically correct sentences. Have you ever felt like you want to move on to the next lesson but you can’t because you feel like you’re not ready for it? That’s how I feel right now.

All I’ve done this past few days is repeating Level 1 lessons. I dunno, I’m not saying that I didn’t learn anything. Heck, I learned a lot. It’s just that I really don’t feel like I’m ready for Level 2 yet. I know some of you might think I’m just being paranoid or overreacting. It’s just that I want to make sure that I understood everything I’ve learned so far before proceeding. Learning the basics is extremely important when it comes to learning a language (well, not just learning a language but learning anything). Learning a language is like building a house, if the foundation is not strong enough, your house is gonna go crumbling down once an earthquake strikes. Right now, I’m still in the middle of “building a better and much stronger foundation” before diving into Level 2 because if I don’t, I feel like things are gonna get messy and pretty much confusing.

I’m gonna take one step at a time, take it easy and enjoy learning the language. I’m trying a different approach right now because I feel like my studying habits getting a little too boring and not that effective. However, I still stick to my study time which is from after dinner til 3 or 4 AM. (Yes, I’m still awake at these hours because studying at these times is effective for me since the whole house is quiet) I have squeezed 만화 time in my schedule. I do learn a lot of words from reading 만화 even though I still don’t fully understand all the sentences. I only understand about 75% to 80% of it. I remember what my English teacher told me. He said that to improve your skills in English, you must read a lot, not just the textbooks. By reading, you only not broaden your vocabulary but you also learn expressions that are more natural. So I’m gonna follow his little advice and I’m gonna read…a lot! (That’s how I learned the Korean present progressive and past progressive forms.)

P.S. Just in case someone asks why I’m blogging about my frustrations, well, here’s my answer. So that someday, when I have already achieved a high level of fluency and I come across this blog post again, I can give myself a pat on the back for not giving up despite all the frustrations that I experienced in acquiring the Korean language. And besides, that’s just how I roll. When I get frustrated, I let it out and move on as if nothing happened. You’ll see. Once I click ‘Publish’, I’m gonna go back to my old self almost instantaneously as if nothing happened.

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  1. hahahaha!!.. I know how you feel because I'm stuck too!.. I'm stuck at level 1 lesson 9 where the topic/subject marking particle is… I can't move on.. even if I really really want to because I want to understand first the lesson before moving to the new one.. i'm really frustrated..

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