I Love My Job! ^^


After hours of running around, following instructions of my boss and the PD 언니들 while trying to take photos and videos of the cast of MBC’s Real Men, I finally got to have a very late lunch with my students and co-teacher-slash-boss, Lt. Hwang.

And now I’m suffering from minor sunburn because of the 3-day shooting but it’s worth it. I got a selca with Henry Lau but I’m not allowed to upload it and the fancams yet til July after they air the episode. I will also not post a fanaccount for now to avoid spoilers and getting myself kicked out. ^^ I still can’t believe it. I’m still in a daze.

My 1st week at work has been very hectic yet fun and amazing. Too many stories to tell but I must keep my mouth shut for now. ^^;; Oh, for now I’m not working for them as their interpreter. I teach Korean to high school students at the Korean language school they set up near the base camp.

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    1. Don’t worry. Your opportunity will come soon. Just keep studying so you’ll be prepared when it comes. ^^

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