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안녕하세요, 여러분! 저는 안젤리(Angeli)입니다! 만나서 반갑습니다! *shifts to English* Haha! I only know a very few Korean sentences so I cannot introduce myself yet in full Korean. I’m Angeli from the Philippines. I’m 21 years old (1990 년생). I’m studying Korean and I’m a total beginner. I use free resources from the internet and I have to say TTMIK is my favorite Korean language site. The reason why I want to learn Korean is I want to be able to watch Korean dramas, music and variety shows without the use of subtitles. Wouldn’t it be fun to actually understand what your idols are saying (or singing)? I want that and I’m gonna study hard to achieve that. Since I’m no longer a student (graduated a few months ago) I now have a lot of spare time to study Korean. Self-studying is hard, but I have no choice because I live in a city where no school or any institution offers Korean classes and no bookstores sell Korean textbooks or any reading material that will help me in studying Korean. I plan to take formal lessons in the future, of course, when I earn some money for tuition. In the meantime, I’m going to learn all the basics on my own so that when I get to finally be in a Korean class, I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with it.

I created this blog not only to write about my Korean learning experience but I’m hoping to be able to meet some friends through this blog who are also learning or who are fluent speakers of Korean.

I have Twitter so feel free to follow me, talk to me. I don’t bite. I also have a new me2day. I forgot the password to my old me2day account so I just created a new one.

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