Flexible Study Routine

I don’t really stick to just one study routine. My methods change every month and it depends on my schedule. I may be unemployed but I do chores for my mom and dad and it eats up almost all of my waking hours. I’m trying to squeeze Korean study in my schedule as much as possible or study Korean while doing the task I have to do.

Nowadays, I don’t really have time to sit down, open my books and write down notes like I used to but I try to make up for it by listening to TTMIK’s Iyagi Series so that I don’t get too rusty and still learn a thing or two. I downloaded all their iyagi episodes and I just randomly pick one episode and listen to it in the car when I’m on the go or while designing, printing and cutting flyers. Election is fast approaching and we’re busy preparing campaign materials so that when campaign period starts, we’re ready to hand out flyers and stuff. To save up money, we do all the work from designing the campaign materials down to scouring the city for the cheapest paper to be used for the flyers. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, I’m actually listening to iyagi episode #11 while typing this blog post and I’m trying to take note of the words that I’m not familiar with and just write them down on a piece of scratch paper so I can look up it in a while.

I downloaded an app. It’s called Line Cafe and I joined the cafe for learning Korean and I get to talk to people who wants to learn/are studying Korean. I get to practice my Korean there with them. There are native Koreans in the cafe and I’m glad that they’re kind enough to give us corrections or explain some grammar points. I also joined cafes for the kpop groups that I like but they’re all either in Japanese or Chinese so… mehh, I’m not so active in those cafes. Anyway, you should check it out. If you see posts by ‘hyoseon’, that’s me. :3

Do I ever still get free time? Yes, of course I do but I don’t really feel like studying when I’m free. I use that time to unwind like watching TV or surfing the net or whatever it is that I want to do. When I get more free time, I’m gonna watch Infinite’s Infinitize Showcase DVD that I bought a month ago and try to translate the dialogues and learn new words from it. It’s a good thing it has Korean subtitles because I still have really poor listening skills. T^T I really don’t get why Woollim Entertainment didn’t include English subtitles in the DVD. I feel sorry for those who bought the DVD and don’t know Korean. =

Anyway, I’m gonna end this post now. I’m so exhausted. =.= Sorry for the random post. Oh and my photo got featured on Matoki‘s page. I’m so happy that people from different countries got to see my photo. Too bad I didn’t win the signed BAP calendar. = But it’s okay.


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