First Korean Notebook?

Look what I found in my bedroom. My mom and the maids were cleaning my bedroom and they found some of my old notebooks in one of the cabinets. It’s actually a small notebook I used for school. I used it to jot down my assignments and my to-do lists and I also scribbled on it a lot when I don’t feel like paying attention in class. LOL I flipped through the pages and I found some old Korean notes. The words written on the page shown in the picture were taken from Eli’s Mnet Scandal. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw my messy, preschool-ish Korean handwriting. Forgive me, I was a complete beginner. I had just learned how to read and write 한글 back then (summer 2010) and I was so excited about it that all I wanted to do was practice writing so I jotted down all the words I saw on the show. I didn’t even exert any effort in remembering any of the words because I was not that serious yet. I just really wanted to write. But guess what, all the Korean words I’ve written had been effortlessly stored in my long-term memory. I didn’t know about Naver’s and Daum’s online dictionary so I relied on Google Translate to figure out the meaning of the words.

It’s been almost a year since I started ‘officially’ studying Korean and I’m about to start writing notes on my 2nd Korean notebook. My first one (the official one) is already full because I like to write down as many sample sentences as necessary and the notebook I used is rather small so I filled it up in no time. I’ve been reviewing the notes I’ve written on it these days and I just realized how important it is to review from time to time. I’m gonna start working on my 2nd notebook when my new books arrive. Can’t wait. ^^

Rewatching Big Bang’s Healing Camp episode and Scent of a Woman for Korean study.

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