Finishing KGIU Intermediate

I have no words to describe how happy I am to have finally finished Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate. I guess it’s safe to say that when you’re desperate, you’d be able to do things you don’t normally do on ordinary times. I may have to go over it again after the exam. Study it in a more relaxed manner. Lol. Since I’m such in a rush right now because I only have days left to study for the TOPIK, I just studied the grammar points in a way that I’d be able to recognize them and understand them when I encounter them on the exam but I’m still not confident I’d be able to use some of them properly because there are too many of them which seem to almost have the exact same function but by a very slight difference in the nuance, you’d know that they’re actually… quite different. And there’s this situation where in grammar A can be interchangeably used with grammar B which can also be interchangeably used with grammar C but grammar A and grammar C cannot be interchangeably used with each other. To make it less complicated… A = B = C =/= A.

I’ve also been studying Ewha Korean 3-1 and 3-2. I don’t have the books. I just have the photocopy version. At first, I was intimidated to see not a single English word on the book but I’m surprised that I understood the grammar explanations perfectly with a little help from Naver’s dictionary, of course. It’s kinda weird but sometimes I understand grammar explanations more in Korean. I guess I’m ready for grammar books with no English explanations. I’m planning to get Ewha Korean 4 as a reward to myself for finishing KGIU Intermediate. I might also get the Advanced book to save on shipping.

I tried answering previous TOPIK papers and I’m happy that I probably may have a chance of passing Level 3, that is if I don’t freak out and panic during the exam because that would totally ruin my concentration. Now if only my writing and speaking skills would try to catch up with my reading skills, that would be perfectly awesome.

Anyway, good luck to everyone who will take the exam.

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      1. i know i know it does sound like fun!! My winter break is in June so I’d like to start then if possible – I can’t wait, it’s been a while since I’ve started a completely new language ^^ But I’ve sorta self taught myself how to read Hangul in the meantime.

    1. KGIU series is really good. It’s my go-to books when I need some quick review or something. I wanna buy the advanced book. But I need to save up for it first.

    1. To be honest, I don’t even remember why I’m studying Korean now. My reasons for studying it keeps changing but the only things that’s never changed is being able to communicate with my Korean friends. Have a more deeper and meaningful conversation with them instead of just talking about weather and other usual stuff.

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