Translation Practice

If you’re learning a foreign language and you want to broaden your vocabulary, I would highly suggest that you try translating contents. I prefer this method over committing myself to learn x number of words per day everyday. It may have worked for some but it didn’t work for me. The reason that I do not recommend for people to expand their vocabulary by memorizing a list of words everyday is that there’s a high chance that you will forget more than half of what you have memorized in the next few days. I have met a lot of Koreans who memorize tons of words in a day but they never really know how to apply them in daily life. There is a difference between knowing a word and knowing how to use a word. In my own personal opinion, memorizing words kinda takes the fun out of learning a language and it starts to feel more like a chore that I have to do everyday rather than a hobby that I enjoy doing.

When you learn vocabulary through reading, you actually get to see how a word is used and throughout the entire article, the word may have appeared more than once so you get to see other ways to use the word. Also, by the time you’ve reached the end of the article, the word and its meaning may have already been stuck inside your brain.

But instead of just simply reading an article, why not challenge yourself to translate it? Yes, it can be hard at first but it’s very rewarding. The feeling you get after translating an article is priceless. Not only do you get to learn new words but you also tend to understand grammar patterns better. Hitting two birds with one stone.

A couple of months ago, I’ve been invited by a friend to install an app called BIGO Live. I’m not sure if any of you guys have heard of it before but it’s an app similar to Periscope where you can do live broadcasts but in BIGO Live, you get to earn money from the gifts sent by the viewers. It’s very similar to Korea’s AfreecaTV. BIGO stands for Before I Get Old and its headquarters is located in Singapore.

Out of curiosity, I joined BIGO Live and I have discovered a few famous broadcasters including a Korean guy named Aram. With more than 110,000 fans on Bigo, he is considered as one of the most popular Korean male broadcasters on BIGO Live and he is under an agency called Media Bridge. I’m one of his social media managers. I used to be very active in updating his Facebook page and creating graphics for his social media accounts but I had to take a break because it was eating up all of my time and I wasn’t getting any work done for my business.

Note: I do not get paid for being his social media manager and I’m not affiliated with Media Bridge.

Not long after I went on a Bigo Live hiatus, he won an award and he needed help in translating his interview into English. And since none of his other managers could speak Korean, he came to me for help. I was really worried at first because my Korean skills are kinda rusty now. I was afraid of making the mistake of translating the contents wrongly. But I still gave it a shot and it was worth it because I learned new words and phrases that I have never encountered before. And I had that giddy feeling when I realized that despite not doing any studying and practicing, I could still translate stuff without having to check the dictionary frequently.

Anyway, here’s the interview and it was posted on Bigo Live’s app and Facebook page.


I can’t find the other screenshots so I’ll just post the entire script here.

1.BIGO LIVE Star 2016노력형 스타상을 받으셔서 제일 하고 싶은 말이 무엇 입니까?
1. What would you like to say for winning the BIGO Live Star 2016 Industrious Award?
2.자신의 방송은 다른 사람들과 다른 점이 무엇이라고 생각하십니까?
2. What do you think makes your broadcast different from other broadcasts?
3.BIGO LIVE Star2016 이벤트에 참여해서 가장 큰 수확이 무엇입니까?
3. What was the biggest thing you’ve obtained after participating in the BIGO LIVE Star 2016 event?
4.언제부터BIGO LIVE에서 방송을 시작하셨습니까? 왜 라이브 방송을 하고 싶습니까?
4. When did you start broadcasting on BIGO LIVE? Why do you want to broadcast?
5.BIGO LIVE Star2017이벤트를 시작하면, 라이브 방송에서 어떤 색다른 콘텐츠를 도전하고 싶습니까?
5. When the BIGO LIVE Star 2017 begins, what other contents would you like to try for your live broadcasts?
6.당신을 사랑하고 응원하는 팬과 시청자에게 무엇을 말하고 싶습니까?
6. What message would you like to say to all your fans and viewers who love and support you?

1, BIGO LIVE Star 2016 노력형 스타상을 받았다고 해서 많이 놀랐어요, 다른 사람들도 많은데 제가 이 상을 수상하게 되어서 한편으론
조금 부끄럽기도 하네요! 아무튼 이 상을 받은 만큼 2017년에도 다양하고 색 다른 컨텐츠로 재미있는 방송을 하도록 더욱 더 노력하겠습니다!

1. I was shocked when I heard that I got the Industrious Award in BIGO LIVE Star 2016. A part of me felt a bit embarrassed to have been chosen for this award as there are so many other people out there. I will work harder to be able to do fun broadcast with various contents this 2017.

2, 저는 항상 주로 사람들과 많이 공감하며 소통할 수 있는 방송을 하려고 개인적으로 많은 노력을 하고 있는데요, 남들이 하지않는 좀 특별한 컨텐츠들을 많이 연구하고 있어요!

2. I personally put a lot of effort in trying to do broadcasts where I can communicate and relate with people. I’ve been trying to come up with special contents that other people don’t do in their broadcast.

3, 음… 가장 큰 수확은 이번 BIGO LIVE Star 2016을 통해서 저를 응원해주는 팬에 대한 사랑을 많이 느꼈어요 전 그게 제일 큰 수확이라고 생각을 해요! 난 그냥 남들과 같은 일반인인데도 불구하고 이렇게 나를 많이
좋아해 준다는 팬들이 있다는 것에 감사하다는 생각이 들었어요ㅋㅋ 물론 콩도 많이 벌었구요!!
사실 콩이 많아져서 상당히 기분이 좋습니다

3. Uhm… The biggest thing that I’ve obtained is that through BIGO LIVE Star 2016, I was able to feel the love of the fans who are supporting me. I think that is the biggest thing I’ve obtained. I’m grateful that I have a lot of fans who likes me a lot even though I’m just an ordinary person just like any other. Haha. Well, I also earned some beans, of course. Honestly, I’m quite happy to see that I’ve earned a lot of beans.

4, 저는 7월달에 BIGO LIVE를 처음 시작했어요, 처음에는 그냥 심심해서 시작했는데 방송을 하면서
사람들과 알아가고 그리고 그 사람들에게 뭔가 재미와 도움을 줄 수 있다는게 제 적성에 딱 맞다는 걸 알게 됐어요!
많은 사람을 알게 되고 그런 사람들과 진심으로 다가가는 방송을 하고 싶어요 그래서 이번 3월에 지금까지 알게된 많은 비고 친구들을 만나로 동남아시아 여행을 준비하고 있습니다

4. I started using BIGO LIVE in July. At first, I started using it out of boredom but as I continued to broadcast, I was getting to know people and I was helping and giving people some entertainment and I thought that those two things suited my personality perfectly. I want to do a broadcast that will allow me to get to know people and sincerely approach them that’s why I’m currently preparing to go on a trip around Southeast Asia this March to meet my Bigo friends whom I’ve known for quite some time. I’m looking forward to it.

5, 제가 하고싶은 색다른 콘텐츠 있어요! 저는 여행하는 것을 좋아해요, 예전부터 여행을 다니면서 일상생활에 바쁜 사람들에게 여러나라 아름다운 곳들을 공유하면 좋겠다는 생각을 하고 있었어요. 물론 제가 하는 여행이긴 하지만 계획을 세우지않고 프리하게 시청자들이 원하는 방향으로 여행을 한다면 뭔가 함께 하고있다는 느낌이 더 들지 않을까요?

I have different contents that I would like to show. I like traveling. Since a long time ago, I’ve always want to share the beautiful places I go to during my travels in different countries to people who are busy with their everyday lives. Even though it’s my trip, I don’t make any plans and just freely go to places the viewers want because by doing so, doesn’t it make you feel like you’re travelling with them together?

6, 저는 사실 팬과 시청자라는 표현보다는 “친구”라는 표현을 더 좋아해요 ㅋㅋ아무튼 그 친구들에게 이 얘기 하고 싶었어요사람들은 모두 다 시간이 지나면 뭘 하든지 시들어지잖아요~ 예를 들면 친했던 친구들에게 연락이 점점 뜸해진다던지. 마찬가지로 저도 비고에서 만난 친구들과 영원할 거라곤 생각하지 않아요 (물론 그러면 좋겠지만…) 하지만 그 시들어질 시간 전까지는 영원히 추억 될 수있는 기억들을 함께 만들어 가자고 말하고 싶어요!
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 느끼했죠 죄송해요 토하셔도 돼요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. To be honest, instead of calling them my fans and viewers, I prefer to call them my friends. Haha. Anyway, this is what I want to say to my friends. We all know that people drift apart as times goes by~ Just like how friends who used to be close start to drift apart as communication gets less frequent. It’s the same for me. I don’t think that I’d be friends forever with the people I met on Bigo (of course, I’d like it better if things stay that way…) however, I would like to tell them that before we start to drift apart, let’s create memories together, memories that will be remembered forever! Hahahahaha! It’s so cheesy, right? I’m sorry. You may vomit if you want. Hahahaha!

And just a few days ago, he asked for my help again in translating a Korean script for a video tutorial of one of the talents in their agency. (Note: This was done with very limited time so some parts may not be as accurate as I had wanted it to be and I didn’t have enough time to proofread it so please bear with my mistakes.)

Subscribe to 퓨어디 Pure.D’s YouTube channel for Korean makeup tutorials.

I actually just finished translating the subtitles for an upcoming video from their agency but the video isn’t up yet so I can’t post it here yet, not even the script. For the meantime, let me promote him. Follow him on his social media accounts.

BIGO ID: @arami
INSTAGRAM: @arami900

And in case you’ve missed it, I have created a Facebook page. Please like my page. Thank you in advance.


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제 취미에 대해서

안녕하세요 여러분. 오늘은 시험을 위해서 한국어 쓰기를 연습하고 싶어서 일기를 또 쓸게요. 이번에는 제 취미에 대해서 이야기할 거예요.

제 취미는 한국어 공부하는 것 뿐만 아니라 다른 취미도 갖고 있어요. 사진을 찍는 것을 좋아해요. 그 것은 제 취미예요. 2007년쯤에 사진을 찍는 것을 좋아하게 됐어요. 그 때는 디지털 카메라가 없어서 핸드폰의 카메라로 사진을 찍었어요. 그런데 핸드폰으로 사진 찍는 것을 좋아하지 않아요. 사진의 품질이 안 좋고 침침한 조명이 있으면 사진이 잘 나올 수 없기 때문이에요. 그래서 아빠에게 새 DSLR 카메라를 사달라고 했어요. 그런데 아빠는 제가 학교에서 성적이 높으면 카메라를 사준다고 했어요. 그래서 카메라를 받기 위해서 열심히 공부하고 높은 성적을 받았어요. 아빠에게 비싸고 좋은 카메라를 받았어요. 사진의 품질이 너무 좋아서 마음에 들어요. 카메라를 받은 후에 사진 동아리에 들었어요. 착하고 사진을 찍는 것을 업청 잘하는 선배들을 만났고 동아리에 가입한 사촌 언니, 오빠들하고 같이 놀고 배울 수 있어서 참 좋아요. 선배들이 저를 잘 가르쳐 주셔서 많이 배웠어요. 선배들하고 같이 촬영 할 수 있어서 너무 즐거웠어요. 선배들처럼 사진 찍는 것을 잘할 수 있도록 배우고 있어요. 아직까지는 선배들처럼 못해요. 나중에 사진 실력이 늘면 선배들하고 사진을 전시하고 싶어요.

제 일기를 읽어주셔서 감사합니다. 좋은 하루 보내세요.

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하지 못 한 일

I was answering the previous intermediate TOPIK papers. I wanted to practice my writing skills so I decided to write an essay. I picked the essay question from the 32nd intermediate TOPIK paper. “What is something you want to do but you can’t?” I’ve thought of writing about how I can’t communicate well with Koreans the way I wanted to but I decided to write something else. Anyway, please excuse the audio. I recorded it as soon as I woke up becaue that’s the only time I can record an audio. Excuse my voice. And my awkward accent. My speaking skills is something I’m definitely not confident of because I make mistakes in pronouncing words. ^^;;

Thanks to 백승기 for correcting my essay. ^^

나는 태어났을 때부터 심장의 상태가 좋지 않는다. 그 때문에 하고 싶었는데 하지 못 한 일이 많다. 몸이 약하기 때문에 매일 학교에 다니기가 힘들었다. 그래서 유학이나 국내 다른 도시에 있는 대학교에 다니지 못 한다. 그런데 하고 싶었는데 하지 못 한 일 중에서 최악인 것이 비행기로 여행을 못 하는 것이다. 나는 비행기를 타는 것을 무서워하는 편이다. 예전에는 비행기를 탈 수 있었는데 2009년에 보라카이 여행을 마치고 집으로 돌아가는 비행기에서 몸이 뭔가 이상하고 숨 쉴 수가 없어서 죽을 뻔 했다. 그 이후 정신적인 충격을 받아서 다시는 비행기를 안 탔다. 그래서 그 때부터 부모님하고 여행을 못 간다. 그리고 나 때문에 부모님께서는 내가 부러워할까 봐서 해외 여행을 안 간다. 부모님에게 미안할 수밖에 없다. 비행기 탈 수 있었을 때로 돌아갈 수 있으면 부모님하고 꼭 해외 여행을 가 보겠다. 다른 나라의 음식을 먹어보고 문화를 배우고 아름다운 곳에서 구경하면 아마 너무 행복하겠다.

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