Birthday, Korean Haul and TOPIK Plans

I just turned 23 last Thursday. I was a little pissed that day because dad left on a business trip and it was the birthday of his superior the day after. Yeah, I understand I shouldn’t be throwing tantrums just because my father had to work on my birthday. But still… It’s just… Ugh. *rolls eyes* And he didn’t even leave money so I can buy food and invite some friends over for dinner. I don’t really have a lot of friends and most of my friends were in Cebu for the Sinulog Festival. Seeing that I was so upset that my dad left, my mom bought food and I told my friend to eat dinner with us. Mom hates it when I’m upset. Haha!

Since I’m on a special diet (no, I’m not trying to be Edward Cullen or something), mom bought vegetable pizza and it served as my birthday cake. I had bibingka for a birthday cake on my 17th birthday. XD I’m not really fond of cakes so I’m okay if there’s none. My mom also bought me my favorite salad whose name is still a mystery to me. XD It’s something something salad. I seriously don’t know. Haha! And she also bought a bunch of other food like fish, shrimp, baked scallops and other stuff that I’m allowed to eat. My friend gave me a Hello Kitty mug. It’s so adorable! It was supposed to be her Christmas gift for me but we didn’t get to see each other over the holidays.


I also got some stickers and a set of color pens from a friend who just came back from a trip. I’m not sure where she went. I’m guessing Hong Kong or South Korea.

I got some money for Christmas so I bought a planner. I ordered it on the first week of January and it was supposed to arrive on the second week but due to holiday rush, it came really late. It arrived at the post office just last week. I also decided to get my copy of 응답하라 1997 (Reply 1997) novel. I started reading a few pages of the book. I hope I’ll be able to learn Busan dialect from this novel. XD

Cover is reversible. :3 There were other colors available but I decided to go with this mint one.

The planner arrived on my birthday and the novel arrived the next day. But I couldn’t drop by the post office to pick them up so I just waited for one other package to arrive so that I don’t have to go there twice. Most of the contents of the other package are not mine. Helped fellow kpop fans to buy their favorite artist’s albums.

Infinite H’s Fly High album.
There are three posters (Hoya, Dongwoo, and YaDong ㅋ) and I was lucky I was able to get all three versions.

This is huge and bulky. Not mine. ㅠ ㅠ

SNSD albums aren’t mine.

Bought some notebooks for myself. It’s so hard to find a good quality notebook here. The paper they use is just horrible and I can’t use gel pens because it seeps through the material. The only notebooks here with a good quality paper are the ones with springs and I hate using them because I’m left handed and the way I hold my pen is errr… weird to say the least and my pinky finger often gets caught in the spring. So I try to avoid using spring notebooks. I have yet to try writing on the new notebooks to see if the ink seeps through. But the paper is thicker than the ones we have here so I bet this notebook will be fine.

Will use this for studying Korean. :3

Oh! I decided to take TOPIK. I already told my mom about it. I just don’t know yet if I’m going to take the one on April or the one on October. We’ll be pretty busy when April comes since the election is on May. I’ll probably be taking it on October. Wish me luck. :3

Til next time. 담에 봐요~ 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~ =^ㅅ^=

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    1. I know! It’s so irritating. >____< I really don't like buying spring notebooks. I always check the quality of the paper before buying the notebook and it's hard to find one that has decent quality paper. =.=

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