B.A.P. in the Philippines

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I used to belong to many fandoms but I’ve decided to give up most of them and only support the groups that I really, really like. And by support, I mean buying their official albums, concert DVDs etc. You know what I mean. Haha! I’m a big fan of YGE’s artists. The only two groups that I like which are not from YGE are Infinite and B.A.P. I’m still a fan of other groups but I’m not as into them as I am with YGE artists, Infinite and B.A.P.


B.A.P. is back with a new album. It’s only been a year and a month since their debut and they now have 6 albums in total (Warrior, Power, No Mercy, Crash, 하지마 and the latest one, One Shot) and they are now busy preparing for their first solo concert. I have all their albums and I’m planning to get a copy of the new album. One Shot has a total of 5 songs in it. My current fave other than One Shot is Punch. It’s just really catchy.

All the MVs that B.A.P. have released before were awesome. Can’t think of a better word right now to describe their MVs. Really awesome. Just like all the other MVs, One Shot didn’t disappoint me. Aside from the fact that my bias, Jongup, looked really fine in the MV, what makes it even more special is that the music video was filmed in our country, the Philippines. The time when they came here to shoot the music video was the time when most (if not all) Filipino kpop fans were busy either crying or rejoicing over the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. Everyone’s attention was set on the concert that we didn’t know that B.A.P was lurking around Manila while Girls’ Generation, Infinite, U-Kiss, Tasty, Tahiti and EXO were performing in front of the fans in SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds. There were no airport photos when B.A.P. arrived because none of us knew until a day or two before they left the country. They left us wondering why they came to the Philippines. Rumors started spreading. Some said it was for a commercial for a bike shop, an airline, a motor shop. There were some very few lucky fans who got to see them filming and they said it looked like they were filming for a CF or a music video.

After a month of waiting, TS Entertainment finally released a teaser of B.A.P’s new music video. The teaser alone made tons of Filipino fans happy and excited because we all felt proud to see our country in a music video. Then the day of the MV release came and I cried. I usually don’t cry over a music video. When Yongguk and the other members met up with the gang who took Young Jae to give them the ransom money (which they got after robbing an armored car), Young Jae was released but he was shot right after. And I just broke into tears because it reminded me of the feeling that I got when Byung Hee (Lee Minki’s character on Shut Up Flower Boyband) got hit by a truck right in front of his friends who scoured the city to look for him when they found out that he was in danger.

I’m really happy that TS Entertainment chose our country for B.A.P’s music video. It really makes me proud of my own country. I wish B.A.P. comes back in the near future for a concert or fanmeeting or to shoot another music video. I hope they enjoyed their stay here.

One Shot Teaser

One Shot MV

MV Making Video

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