A Taste of Android

I’ve been asking for a new phone from my mom for quite some time now. Ever since she got her Note 2 on contract, I was dying to have one as well. I’ve had my 4th generation iPod Touch for 2 years now. I used it everyday to do various things online since I’m too lazy to go online using my laptop but I needed to get a replacement because the battery dies faster than it charges and apps crashes frequently. It was driving me crazy.

I’ve been going around Youtube watching ‘What’s on my Android’ videos and reviews of Android phones and it kinda led me to wanting an Android phone. I was fully aware of the neat things that I could do with it which I can’t do on an iPod or an iPhone such as customizing the look of my phone by installing cute themes. I decided that if I ever get a new phone, it’d be an Android. iOS is nice but it’s not for me. I needed something more and iOS wasn’t the answer.

I had only expected to get a Note 2 or at least an S3. I still am on contract and I still have about 5 months before it ends so getting a phone on contract was out of the question and the prices of Note 2 and S3 were pretty much reasonable. I wanted an S4 because the screen is better and it’s a much faster phone than the S3 but it came with a price tag that my parents wouldn’t approve of. I also wanted the Note 3 but the S4 already seemed impossible to own so I didn’t count on it. I have waited for months and I almost gave up. I thought I was never going to have a new phone until my birthday next year. But then I saw a flyer of Globe’s latest plan offers and it just so happened that one of their offers included a Note 3 phone.

I went to the mall with my mom to inquire about the contract on Friday afternoon. My mom talked about it with dad and she was able to convince him. Don’t ask me how she got to convince him. It’s kinda funny. Anyway, he approved which was quite surprising to me so on Sunday morning, I went back with my mom to apply for the plan. My dad gave me cash to pay for the phone’s down-payment. I went home with a brand new 32gb Note 3 phone. I got the white one and it’s the LTE version. There are three versions of the Note 3: SM-N9000 (3G version), SM-N9002 (dual sim version) and SM-N9005 (LTE version).

About my previous contract, I’ve decided not to terminate it just yet. I’m gonna wait for the contract to be over before I ask for termination.

It is big. I’m not gonna lie. A small part of me regrets choosing Note 3 over S4 but I still love it to bits despite being too big for my small hands. :3 But I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Samsung has this Multi-Window feature where you can use two apps simultaneously so this is where the big screen comes in handy. I tried reading a Korean webtoon with the Naver dictionary app on the bottom part of the screen. It was a sweet experience. Now I don’t have to jump from one app to the other just to get things done. I activated the Korean language keyboard since I plan on using this to study Korean. Thank God I have unlimited data plan. I can now use Naver dictionary even if I’m out. But the thing is I rarely go out. XD

Here’s a screenshot of the Multi Window feature using the Naver Webtoon app and Naver dictionary app:

I am not a fan of Samsung’s UI called the TouchWiz so the first thing I did when I got home was to download Dodol Launcher and changed the theme to something cuter. Since it’s hasn’t been that long after Note 3 has been released, I couldn’t find a case or a screen protector for it which kinda sucks and I’m impatient so I ordered online instead. I’m expecting the package will hopefully arrive next week.

One of the things to look forward to about the Note 3 is its 13MP camera. It’s so good. I have no complaints about it. It’s not DSLR quality of course but it takes pictures that are decent enough for Instagram or Facebook. At first glance, the back cover really does look like leather but it’s not. It’s plastic that’s made to look like leather. It doesn’t even feel like leather. However, I’m still scared that it might turn yellowish in time so I’m gonna use a case for it to keep it clean and white. When I got to feel it in my hands, the first thing I’ve noticed is that it was much lighter than Note 2. It felt like Note 2 minus the battery. I’m impressed that even though the screen and the battery has gotten bigger, Samsung still managed to make it lighter and thinner than the previous one.

Note 3 uses a USB 3.0 cable which some people said it’s good for faster charging and transferring of files. But you can still use a micro USB cable. I haven’t used the S Pen that much yet since I was too busy customizing my phone’s look. XD The speaker is now at the bottom instead of the back like in Note 2 and S4. The sound quality is good but I don’t have much to say about it since I prefer to use the earphones more. Watching videos on this device is a joy with its huge 5.7″ 1080p screen. I like watching videos on it so much that my battery drains fast. Haha! But I don’t mind at all. It lasts me about 12 hours and that is already impressive for me considering that I’m a heavy user. I cannot wait to transfer some of my movies from my computer. And my Korean ebooks!

Note 3 has the same Smart features that S4 has but I turned it all off because I just didn’t find it that useful and it doesn’t even work all the time. It was fun at first but at the end of the day, you get tired of it. I’ll probably find a use for it someday but for now, I’m keeping it disabled.

Anyway.. I need some app suggestions since my phone is kinda empty right now. I don’t even have my songs loaded on it yet. If you have any apps that are worth downloading, please tell me. Whether it’s a game app or photography app or Korean related app, leave a comment below and I’d love to check it out.

Photos were taken using a Sony HX30v camera.

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  1. I need a new phone too :p I wish my service provider had the Note 3 I probably would get it on contract but seeing it now makes me want it even more I have never used Android only iOS (which is getting dumber by the day and upgrades are frustrating…no multitask functions) they have S4 though and since you mentioned Note 3 is massive I don’t think it would pair well with my habits (eg. I drop things a lot if they are too big to handle. I also like carrying things in my hands.)

    Android looks cool and an app suggestion does it have to be Korean? 😀 how about LINE Camera I am addicted to decorating my photos on it hahaha xD

    Have fun with your new phone Angeli (while I convince my Mum to get me one…after she convinces my Dad! Hard task ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

    축하해요 <3

    1. I had an Android phone before but it was too small and there were so many apps that weren’t compatible with it. I didn’t get to enjoy the Android experience. S4 would be a good phone for you. I’ve grown to like Note 3 now since typing is a breeze because of the huge screen. XD

      I have Line Camera. I used it on my ipod. One of my fave apps for editing photos. XD

      I hope your mom gets to convince your dad too. I know how it feels. I went through it jusg days ago. XD

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