13 Years of Friendship


It’s Christmas time again which means it’s time when almost everyone books a plane ticket to visit their hometowns to be with their families and friends. It’s the season of the reunions. Since most of my high school classmates took a break from their work and returned from abroad, we decided to have a pre-Christmas and post-Christmas parties so we could relive the past by reminiscing memories together.

The pre-Christmas party was planned a day or two before so most of them couldn’t make it because it was on such short notice. I knew that because it had been so long since the last time we were together, we would be out until late so one of my closest friends and I decided to get a room in a hotel so we can stay out late for as long as we want without making our parents worry or wait up for us. It was a pretty decent hotel room. Perfect for a staycation. I wasn’t expecting much because of the price but it exceeded my expectations. I never knew hotels in our city were that good.

Since the dinner was still at 7PM, my friend and I decided to go to the hotel first to kill some time and also to freshen up before meeting our friends. We got so comfortable, we almost decided not to show up and just stay and unwind in the hotel instead because the rain wasn’t letting up. It took a few lazy sighs before we finally got out of bed.

We decided to do some catching up over Mexican food at a small rustic restaurant. It was so nice to see familiar faces which I haven’t seen in years. Some gained weight, some lost weight and some looked exactly the same. Unfortunately for me, I was one of those who gained weight. Lol. The funny thing though is that most of those who I haven’t seen in so long haven’t even left the city. But we all have work which kept us from seeing each other often. We updated ourselves with what’s new and what everyone does for a living. One of them is running for councilor in his town. Wow. I can’t imagine myself entering politics at such a young age.

After dinner, we went to the newly opened KTV next door. The rates were good. We could use the rooms for 3 hours and we could extend if we want to for a price, of course. The packages included a few buckets of beers and appetizers. The rooms were oh-so-good, it felt like I was in a KTV in Manila. The design of the interior of the room was so modern and minimalistic. We felt like we were living the life. We sang our hearts out, took turns in holding the microphones, drank beer and stayed until 2AM.


More people came on the post-Christmas dinner. We went to Ocho, a famous local restaurant here in our city. Families and groups of friends often frequent that restaurant for gatherings. We decided to put our phones on a chair and whoever touches his/her phone will have to pay the bill. No one dared to pick up their calls or reply to messages. It was a great idea because since we weren’t preoccupied with our smartphones, we actually had a lot of fun since we talked to each other instead of entertaining a call or text. We wanted to go to the KTV again but since it was Sunday, the place was packed and all rooms were taken so ended up going to the bay. So many food stalls there at night selling barbecue and beers. It’s a park-and-drink concept. Our conversations focused on marriage and future plans. Some of our friends had their civil weddings last year and are planning to have their church weddings this year. I can’t wait to go to their weddings. I kept looking at my watch because I had to report to work early next morning but we stayed until 3AM. I didn’t get much sleep so I was exhausted the next day.


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